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Forum Rules
« on: February 21, 2017, 07:19:25 AM »
This Particular forum thread is for the local and internet users of our Amateur Radio Repeater System located in Olney IL, 62450
This is an open topic forum for this program!

1. No Nude Photos or Links to Nude Photos if Found the forum thread will be deleted.
2. No Foul Language If caught automatic Ban..
3. No Illegal Content
4. Respect everyone including the Owners Administrators and Moderators..   
5. Provide content with your links actually make your post interesting..
6. All Post must be in English..
7. No Advertising of products randomly... (See Subsection 1A at bottom of page)
8. No Game Hacks or Advertising of Game Hacks...
9. This is an Amatuer Radio Forum Let's Keep it closely related in topics..
10. We encourage hey how are ya doing post and updates on general life etc.. Keep it clean!

1A In regards to advertising products I don't want to see 20 post from the same user about a certain product
with only just links to a outside website.. This can lead to dangerous content being transferred around.. If caught
you will get banned..

I will always be looking on ways to cut down on automatic spammers I know this will make it difficult on the users of the forum
but some thing has got to be done..